Projection Plastering Systems

High-Quality Machine Plastering Services

At Spraywall Ltd, we use the latest and top-quality projection plastering systems for our projects. If you are based in Hampshire, or anywhere in the UK, get in touch with our team for further queries.

Experts in Projection Plastering

We use BG Multi Finish and Knauf MP Finish which are designed for “worm-pump” type spray machines such as the M-Tec M100SC or the PFT Power Coat Ritmo. These machines mix the product, use a screw-like pump to move it along a hose to the nozzle and then spray it using compressed air. A similar principle is used in larger machines for undercoat plasters and one-coat plasters, such as BG Hardwall and Toughcoat, Knauf MP75, flowing floor screeds and some external renders.

Quality Skimming Machines

Larger machines (e.g. M-Tec DuoMix and M300, PFT G4 & G5) are too big to apply a skim finish at a sensible speed and are not recommended for a 3mm spray finish. The skimming machines can be operated on a 110 normal site-supplied electric set up, but the larger scale machines for floating and one coat works require a 3 Phase 32amp 20kv supply which on most sites can be set up at a small cost. Failing that we will supply a 3 phase generator.

Through Coloured Render & Spraying

We provide fast and efficient spraying and skimming services by using Float & Set from a 15 – 20mm finish and Knauf MP75 Projection Plaster which can be sprayed to 30mm with one application.

For internal and external coloured rendering we use high-quality cement products that can be sprayed from a 10 – 20mm application. You can read more about our airless plastering techniques by downloading this PDF.

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If you would like to get in touch with Spraywall to discuss one of your projects, please do not hesitate to do so! We will always be on hand to offer you guidance with your requirements, no matter how big or small they may be.


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